The Help Generator add-in and Help Capture Tool

Give your help project a jumpstart by generating help content

The Help Generator help authoring software inherits its name from one of its most distinctive features: the ability to generate content pages from the application's user interface. Two distinct tools for generating topic pages are included:

  1. for project sources - the Help Generator add-in, below, or
  2. at run-time - Help Capture.

The Help Generator add-in

The Help Generator add-in scans your application sources and generates topic pages and images describing the user interface.

  • Using the help generator saves time and gives a consistent and complete baseline to start writing your help from.
  • You can use the generator as a start of a new help project, to extend an existing help project, or just to drop the files in a folder.
  • Optionally link as context sensitive help to your application.
  • Deploy help as windows help or web based help.

help generator add-in

This makes the Help Generator a time-saving help authoring tool both for technical writers and programmers. The Generator scans the application user interface. Each form in your application is analyzed in detail in terms of controls, menu, tab order etcetera and presented as pages with well-formed HTML. In the Microsoft Access version other application objects are additionally processed: reports, tables, relations and queries.

features that make help generator such a productive help authoring tool Great Productivity

Automatically generate context sensitive help integrated with your application.

Versions available for Visual Studio .NET, Visual Basic 6 and Microsoft Access.

Use Generate Document to generate individual topic pages.