The Help Editor - a high productivity IDE for creating excellent help

The new Help Editor is one of the most advanced help authoring environment on the market (IDE= integrated development environment). Being fully HTML Help (hhp, chm) based, you will easily switch from any help authoring tool you may currently be using. Because all elements in the help system are standard files in the file system - HTML, images, css,... - working on a help project can be done by several people simultaneously, using their favorite toolset. Using style sheets, quick parts (text snippets) and templates help getting a consistent style. Add dynamic features using javascript and jQuery. See below the image for a list of features.

help editor


  • Extensive support of drag and drop for high productivity. For example select key phrases and drop them on the page's index.
  • Includes the Help Capture tool to generate complete topic pages from any part of your applications user interface - forms, menus, ... - again, a great time-saver!
  • The Word 2010 alike ribbon ensures easy WYSIWYG HTML editing and lets you switch anytime to advanced HTML code editing mode.
  • The dockable tool windows for index and content tree allow rearrangement and resizing to make better use of your workspace.
  • Multiple document interface lets you switch easily between documents.
  • The review - broken links helps find and correct linking issues in topic pages, table of contents and the index.
  • The integrated HTML Tidy features makes sure your (X)HTML code is without errors.
  • You can publish help either as HTML Help (.chm), browser based help or manual - Word document or PDF
  • Use the customizable quick parts to effortlessly add stylish texts for tips, notes, warnings, related topics and similar templates.
  • The web help is implemented using jQuery. Consequently it will work on virtually all browsers (Firefox 3.6+, Internet Explorer 6+, Safari 3+, Opera, Chrome).
  • Creating different language versions of the help is as simple as copying the help project folder and replacing the help topic content.
  • Full Unicode support.
  • Spelling check using Open Office libraries - many languages supported with free library downloads.