Help Generator for Visual Studio

The fast and professional way to add help to your Visual Studio applications

The Help Generator for Visual Studio help authoring software consists of two parts:

  1. Help Generator add-in
  2. Help Editor

Help Generator add-in

The Help Generator add-in scans the application user interface and creates topic pages for each form (WinForms or WPF forms). Each page contains one or more screenshot images with hotspots to the controls sections. In addition it optionally links the generated pages as context sensitive help to your application using Help Providers. The Help Generator add-in works with Visual Studio 2005 up to 2017-all editions- except Express.

Download the Help Generator for Visual Studio - free trial

help generator add-in

The Help Editor

The new Help Editor is one of the most advanced help authoring environment on the market - see here for a list of features.  Being fully HTML Help (hhp, chm) based, you will easily switch from any help authoring tool you may currently be using. Because all elements in the help system are standard files in the file system - HTML, images, css,... - working on a help project can be done by several people simultaneously, using their favorite toolset. Using style sheets, quick parts (text snippets) and templates help getting a consistent style. Add dynamic features using javascript and jQuery. The help can be published as CHM file, Web Based Help or printed documentation (in Word, or in Office 2007 / 2016 saved as PDF). 

Download the Help Generator for Visual Studio - free trial

help authoring ide