Help Generator for Microsoft Access

Help automatically integrated with your Access application

The best way to make documentation available with your Microsoft Access application is by adding a help file. By pressing F1 or the Help button the user immediately gets the info he is looking for.
The Help Generator for Microsoft Access greatly simplifies making help files and user documentation. No special help authoring expertise is needed to create help files. The Help Generator not only lets you make the online Help, but also user and technical documentation in Microsoft Word.

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Microsoft Access applications generally consist of many forms and reports. The Help Generator scans the application and creates all needed files with content. Screenshots are made and text is picked up from Access Object descriptions. For example, from forms Control tip texts are extracted. Next use the Help Editor included to complete the prefabricated help sections. Publish as Microsoft Access HTML Help, Web Based Help and Microsoft Access Documentation in Word. The Help Generator for Microsoft Access supports Microsoft Office version 2000 up to 2016.

Download the Help Generator for Microsoft Access - free trial

Download the results when used on Northwind. Open any form and press F1.

features that make help generator such a productive help authoring tool Prices

USD 189

Supports Microsoft Access 2000 - 2016. Windows 7, 8 and 10, Vista and Windows XP.