Table of Contents

The table of contents, abbreviated as TOC, is a navigational device intended to give the reader an overview on how the help contents is organized. An advantage of online help TOC as opposed to printed documentation is that sections may be duplicated at different positions to support access from different points of view.

Some style manuals recommend keeping tables of contents under three pages so they can be surveyed easily. Since they lack the alphabetical arrangement that makes indexes so accessible, anything longer can become difficult to scan.

Content Tree Dockable Window

Content Tree Dockable Window

Changing the location of pages in the TOC

Use Drag and Drop to change the location of pages in the TOC.

Add, rename and remove pages

You can add, rename and remove pages by right-clicking a node in the TOC an selecting the appropriate command on the menu.

  • Open Page opens the content page of selected node in a new document window.
  • New ... lets you create a new page in a new document window and automatically connects it to the current node as child-node.
  • Add ... lets you select an existing topic page and connects it to the current node as child-node.
Use drag and drop from the Project Folder dockable window to add an existing topic page to the TOC.
Creating Help Content