Project Folder dockable window

The Project Folder dockable window lets you find and manage documents and images in your project in a familiar way.

In the Project Folder drag and drop is supported on files but not on folders.

Shortcut menu for files


Press menu item Open to open the file in a new document window - for HTML pages, or in the default editor for all other file types. 

Open with...

Press menu item Open with... to select the program or editor to open the selected file with. For example on a css file:

Open folder location

Opens windows explorer with the project folder selected. This is useful; if you want to manage multiple files at the same time.

If you move or rename files in windows explorer links in the help project and html files will not be automatically updated.


Preview opens a preview window to show the file's  content without opening it.This is only available for HTML files.

Cut / Copy / Delete / Rename

The normal operations on a file.

Shortcut menu for folders

New Folder

Press menu item New Folder to create a new folder

Cut / Copy / Paste / Delete / Rename

As usual.

Hovering Images > Preview

File names often give an indication of what content is involved. In the Project Folder you will get an automatic preview on every image file you hover over.