Unleashing the power of the Help Viewer

The Help Viewer is the software by which users access the contents of the HTML Help file (.chm). The Help Viewer contains three panes:

The Help Generator > Help Editor gives you access to the full range of options available to customize the Help Viewer to maximum benefit your audience. The Image below gives an impression of what features are available.

4 The Home button lets the user move to a starting page for navigating the help.
5 Two extra jump pages which can be used to direct the user to two specially relevant pages such as the 'support' page or 'FAQ'
6 Hide navigation pane when help does not have focus - Show when it does.
8 Favorites tab allows user to bookmark the most significant pages.

help viewer

  • You can use the Help Editor to add a Help Favorites tab to the navigation pane. add buttons and other design elements to the Help Viewer, customizing it to suit your needs.
  • You can download Help Viewer topics, which contain basic information about how to use the viewer, from the Web and include them in your help system.
Introducing the Help Generator