Compile HTML Help Project

To Compile your HTML Help project:

  1. Select the backstage (Ribbon > File) Publish page
  2. Press the Compile Web Based Help.

After compilation completes, your newly compile help file (.chm) opens for inspection. A copy of the chm file is created in a location specified in the CopyHelpFileTo.txt file in the Project Folder.

In the Help Editor, you can compile your help project to a compiled help (.chm) file. The Help compiler uses the help project (.hhp) file to determine how topic files, contents (.hhc) files, index (.hhk) files, image (.jpeg, .gif, .png) files, and any other elements you have added to the project file will look in the single, compressed help file. If any errors are found during the compilation, compiler messages are generated that point a help author to the problems. The help compiler writes these messages during the compilation process to the file specified in the help project option Log file.

The Help Project Wizard sets this initially to 'logcompile.txt'
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