Publishing Help

You can deploy the files that make up your HTML Help online Help system in any of the following ways:

The advantage of using compiled HTML Help files is that you can install a single file or small set of files on each user's local drive that can be accessed without a network connection. Additionally, compiled HTML Help files use disk space much more efficiently than uncompiled HTML files, particularly on hard disks that have been formatted with the FAT file system.

The advantage of supplying the Help topics as a Web site is that you can update and add new Help topics from a single central location; however, providing Help this way requires that users have network access to your Web site. Moreover, certain features of HTML Help, such as full-text search, are available only when you are using compiled HTML Help files.

You can also provide Help topics through a combination of both standard and compiled HTML formats, most typically in the form of a locally installed compiled HTML Help file with jumps from individual topics or the table of contents to Web pages on an intranet, an extranet, or the Internet.

From the backstage (Ribbon > File) Publish page you can: