Help Generator for MS Access Demo

Stop! what's happening here!?

  1. Open the database you want to add Help to.
  2. Start the Help Generator from the Add-Ins tab or menu.
  3. Create a new help project, determine the location, title and other initial settings.
  4. Start the Help Generation process. This will open each form and report and create a topic page for it with screenshots, imagemap and control sections. It fills the index for each page and sets the Help File and Help ContextId properties for context sensitive help.
  5. The Help Editor opens, allowing you to add text to the prefabricated pages and add new topics.
  6. Publish as HTML Help compiles the chm help file.
  7. Close th Help Editor and open one of the forms in your database.
  8. Press F1: the corresponding help page opens - context sensitive help created in 1 minute and 45  seconds...

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